Discharge Before Period

A moist vaginal discharge before period is a normal phenomenon in a woman’s menstrual cycle and hence should be no cause for alarm. However, the color as well as the consistency of the vaginal discharge is what one should be mindful about. Any form of discharge that conforms to a woman’s normal consistency and color is most of the times harmless and results from hormonal fluctuations. However, it could also be a sign of a situation that is more serious, especially in a case that involves infections. Either way, women should seek to know the meanings of the different colors of watery discharges before period, in order not to have themselves preoccupied each and every time these discharges deviate from the norm.

It is always very important for women to check their menstrual cycle before they go on to start stressing themselves about the above described situation. When a woman is ovulating, the process of ovulation usually changes the watery vaginal discharge before menstruation. This remains the same whether one is coming into her period or getting off it. When a woman is ovulating this moist discharge is meant to help the male sperm in its movement towards the ovum. For some, this discharge gets thicker during the ovulation period.

As hinted earlier, the watery discharge could turn out to be different some days before one’s actual menstruation. Having blood spots or else a light yellow vaginal discharge is completely normal. However, if the discharge appears thick and creamy, there might be a possibility that one is projecting signs of yeast infection. During the worst scenario, yeast infections might result to a discharged accompanied by burning, pain as well as irritation. Yeast infections are also always accompanied by a bad/foul smell and hence usually easy to detect. If a woman inspects her discharge and finds that it does not smell right, then she should know that she is probably experiencing yeast infections.

Another group of infections that women should be wary about are bacterial infections. If a woman experiences a watery and yellowish or else green and bubbly discharge before period, then she should know that she probably has bacterial infections. Just like in yeast infection, the discharge from bacterial infections produces a foul smell that typically resembles the fishy smell. Women should however be aware that these infections are easily treatable. All one has to do is visit a local pharmacy and buy a dose of antibiotics. For confirmation purposes, these infections do not typically result from the activities of a wandering sexual partner. They are rather as a result of either poor vaginal hygiene or else an immune system that is weakened.

Finally, if a woman should notice that her watery discharge before period is red in color, then it is advisable for her to seek for a pregnancy test. The red colored discharge could possibly mean that an egg is in the process of implanting itself in her uterus. However, this is not the only possibility. If pregnancy turns out not to be the reason, then there could be another serious underlying problem. Either way, a gynecologist would be the best person to consult in order to get to the root of the problem.

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